ProjectReady Matter Management Engine

legal-project-site1Legal Matters Management for Legal Firms and Departments

The ProjectReady™ Matter Management Engine is the backbone of our suite of applications. The Matter Management Engine gathers data from across your line of business systems, incorporates this data with intelligence from our database to create real matter management capabilities for your firm – all driven by the user.

By automating the creation of matter sites to ensure consistent structure and navigation, to generating workflows based on industry best practices, the Matter Management Engine enables resource and task allocation, re-allocation, aggregation, planning and management.

Drive Visibility & Reporting into all your matters & tasks

Our database provides comprehensive views and reports of matter information and management of tasks across thousands of concurrent projects. The ProjectReady database puts the power of control into the hands of the end user, enabling true matter management built for Legal Firms and Departments.

Let ProjectReady handle the administrative headaches – focus on delivering your project.

Task, Resource and Utilization Management

The ProjectReady Matter Management Engine ensures consistent application of security controls and provides comprehensive views of critical tasks and activities across all matters within the enterprise. projectready-task-resource-utilization-managementWith ProjectReady you can view resources across thousands of concurrent matters, drill down into the tasks assigned and make edits as you go while they’re dynamically and automatically applied. Pre-built integration to business systems allows comprehensive views of matter tasks, what’s outstanding, and what’s assigned to whom.

Real time re-allocation of resources enables you to avoid delays and effectively manage teams. You can effectively plan and manage tasks, take required action, manage resources better and improve collaboration and communication while keeping team members organized and in one place.

SQL Connector – Easy Integration of Line of Business Data

The ProjectReady SQL Connector allows you to integrate any data from your systems that use a SQL database with seamless synchronization. Just simply connect your database to the SQL connector and regardless of changes you make on your backend, your experience with ProjectReady will stay the same ensuring business continuity and seamless data integration.

Built for the way Business workslegal-psf1

Our Matter Management Engine is driven by the business professional.  Provision workflows that automatically attribute content as you go, allowing functions such as Search and Records Retention to operate easily, and eliminate the requirement to manually describe and ‘tag’ everything from documents to tasks, ProjectReady does it for you.

With an intuitive and simple user experience, the business user simply fills out a form to create a Matter Site, defining security, selecting a site template and setting critical information about the Project. You can easily set and maintain site security and permissions throughout the life cycle of your project – and archive projects with ease.

Our tools are designed to be easy to use for non-technical end users. There is no requirement for IT assistance or significant training required to use ProjectReady.

Update Permissions at the Touch of a Button

In Legal Matters, collaborating with numerous external clients and firms is essential, making administering permissions and security quite onerous. With ProjectReady it’s easy; simply click “update permissions” on your matter site and use our intuitive security matrix to update permissions and setup user access securely. Depending on the role assigned, ProjectReady will ensure users have access to only what is necessary to them.

Default Permission Templates for Teams in Matter Setup

Have a team that you work with frequently on matters? Easily save that team to avoid the re-assembling of users getting your matter teams and sites setup faster and easier.

Driven by the Business

Ensure consistent and repeatable structure, security and process, all driven by the business user giving them the power to create and manage Matter Sites in a governed and secure way.

Key Features:
  • Matter Management is made easy – our database provides simple, easy, automated real-time management of matter tasks and resources.
  • Create collaborative spaces for your matter on demand, driven by the user
  • Users experience a known interface, that offers clear visibility across all matters and tasks
  • Matter sites are created in a consistent fashion, enabling easy navigation and allowing users to find any piece of information with ease
  • Easily set and maintain site security and permissions throughout the life cycle of the matter
  • Automatically tag and describe every element of a matter from tasks to documents, the automation of metadata enhances search
  • Designed to integrate data from across all the systems that drive your matter
  • Archive matters with ease